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Welcome to the world of INFLUENT Traveler, a proud division of the INFLUENT Medias company. Our mission is simple: to unveil the finest destinations, premium hotels, exquisite resorts, and all things luxurious. As a part of INFLUENT Medias, we are crafting a modern luxury tech media enterprise that caters to the tastes of the present generation.

Behind the scenes, our journey is fueled by the unwavering dedication of our editorial team. With a diverse blend of expertise spanning photography, creativity, publishing, and forging commercial partnerships, we bring these visions to life. Every detail we curate, every story we tell, is driven by our passion to captivate and inspire.

At INFLUENT Traveler, we're not just storytellers; we're memory-makers. Join us as we redefine travel and luxury.

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General Enquiries

Florent Carmin | Editor in chief

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At Influent Traveler, we are an immersive platform that seamlessly blends the elegance of print with the convenience of digital media.


Our printed magazine finds its home in prestigious locations like opulent hotels and exquisite yachts, where it awaits travelers seeking the finest in lifestyle content.


But we don't stop there. In the digital age, we believe in offering our readers an all-encompassing experience. That's why we also present an online version of our magazine, available right here on our website. Our website goes beyond being a mere duplicate of the printed edition; instead, it serves as a dynamic platform that offers a wide array of exclusive articles, features, and insights.

With our presence across various social media channels, Influent Traveler extends its reach to millions of eager eyes and inquisitive minds. Explore the world of Influent Traveler, where every page, every click, and every post is an invitation to elevate your travel and lifestyle experiences.

Editorial Enquiries

Florent Carmin | Editor in chief

Advertising & Partnerships Enquiries

Partnering with INFLUENT Traveler for advertising opens the door to connecting with a vast audience of thousands. Our advertising options encompass a diverse array of formats, ranging from the classic to distinctive banners and targeted promotional campaigns.

Florent Carmin | Editor in chief

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Modeling Enquiries

Florent Carmin | Editor in chief

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Article Repost & Permissions

Florent Carmin | Editor in chief

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