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Ubud's culinary gem, Locavore, embarks on a transformative journey: set to close at the end of the summer and reopen as 'Locavore NXT’

locavore dish
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Nestled in the heart of Ubud, Bali, Locavore has stood as a culinary haven for discerning food enthusiasts seeking an authentic dining experience. Established in 2013, this small yet remarkable restaurant has managed to carve a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. With its charming atmosphere and innovative cuisine, Locavore has been a testament to the dedication of two talented chefs, Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah. Both hailing from different corners of the world—Eelke from the Netherlands and Ray from Indonesia—the duo met in Jakarta and formed an inseparable bond fueled by their shared passion for Indonesian cuisine. Their collaborative dream was to create a dining experience that would celebrate the diverse flavors and cultural heritage of Indonesia, while simultaneously pushing culinary boundaries to new heights.

locavore restaurant ubud bali

Housed in a quaint venue in Ubud, the restaurant has been a shining beacon of gastronomic excellence. One of Locavore's defining principles has been its unwavering commitment to sourcing only the finest local ingredients, a philosophy that has not only enriched the dining experience but has also contributed to the promotion of regional sustainability. This philosophy has been at the core of their culinary creations, resulting in dishes that are not just a treat for the taste buds, but also a celebration of the rich tapestry of Balinese produce. Adding to their culinary distinction, their tasting menu is completely updated every 4 months with new ideas and themes.

Moreover, Locavore has been Indonesia’s only restaurant to be ranked in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for 5 years in a row, achieving their highest ranking at #21 in all of Asia. Their consistent dedication to excellence has earned them the coveted Most Sustainable Restaurant Award by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, further solidifying their reputation as a pioneer in both culinary artistry and sustainable practices.

However, as the sun sets on another glorious summer, Locavore bids adieu to its current incarnation, leaving food connoisseurs with a tantalizing last opportunity to savor its delectable offerings before it undergoes a remarkable transformation.

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As the sun sets on another glorious summer, Locavore bids adieu to its current incarnation, leaving food connoisseurs with a tantalizing last opportunity to savor its delectable offerings before it undergoes a remarkable transformation. Locavore's current menu, 'Artefacts,' pays homage to the journey it has embarked on over the last nine years. This culinary masterpiece showcases their favorite dishes, each lovingly reimagined as artworks by local creatives, resulting in an exhibition dining experience that elevates the act of dining to a multisensory celebration of both art and flavor.

locavore restaurant ubud bali artefact
Shallot Blossom ca.2022
Preserved as an artwork with Tear Jerker by @agency_x_
 locavore restaurant ubud bali artefact
Into The Sawah ca.2016
Preserved as an artwork with Into The Sawah Forever by @shopchainreaction
locavore restaurant ubud bali artefact
Pumpkin Seed Cracker ca.2015
Preserved as an artwork with Crackers’ by & @agency_x_

With the end of this era, a new dawn emerges – Locavore NXT. The dream that has been nurtured for over two years is now on the cusp of reality. Locavore NXT, an embodiment of the restaurant's soul, will elevate dining into a realm of unparalleled creativity and innovation. While the "locally produced only" ethos continues to be a guiding force, the new venture promises to be a true culinary odyssey, pushing the boundaries of experimentation and embracing the beauty of nature's bounty.

The forthcoming chapter will find its home in a picturesque location just beyond Ubud, where nature will be woven seamlessly into the dining experience. Locavore NXT will not merely be a restaurant; it will be a symphony of flavors, a celebration of nature's treasures, and a tribute to the artistic spirit. Collaboration will take center stage, with like-minded individuals and talents joining forces to curate an experience that defies convention.

Moreover, Locavore NXT showcases an ode to sustainability and innovation, exemplified by collaborations with artisans like @kevalaceramics. Through such partnerships, even waste finds new life as tableware, breathing new purpose into discarded materials and fostering a more eco-conscious approach to dining.

locavore restaurant ubud bali cocktail
locavore restaurant ubud bali dish

As we bid farewell to Locavore's current incarnation, anticipation and excitement loom large on the horizon. The transformation into Locavore NXT signifies not just a change, but a rebirth of culinary ingenuity. We eagerly await the unveiling of this next chapter, where food, art, nature, and community converge in a dining experience like no other.


Jl. Dewi Sita Ubud, Ubud, ID 80571

+62 361 977733

IG: restaurantlocavore

locavore restaurant ubud bali dish
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