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Nestled amidst the emerald landscapes and tranquil beauty of Bali, a unique realm of luxury awaits those seeking an extraordinary escape. The island's most enchanting and environmentally-conscious accommodations. Bali's allure has always been intertwined with its natural splendor, and these exceptional bamboo havens seamlessly blend opulence with eco-friendliness, offering a haven of indulgence while treading lightly upon the earth.


Embracing the allure of Selat, Camaya Bali stands as a sanctuary of tranquility within the enchanting Karangasem Regency. Among its offerings, six distinctive villas grace the landscape, with four units awaiting those who seek an exceptional escape. Among them, the elegant embrace of three bamboo houses - Suboya, Lotus, and Pyramid - each accommodating up to four guests, seamlessly intertwining modern luxury with the artistry of tradition. For those seeking an intimate retreat, Villa Nirvana, a charming Balinese abode, beckons, designed for two souls to find solace in unison. Within a scenic 90-minute drive from Ubud, the treasures of Camaya Bali unveil, a sanctuary cocooned in serene splendor, bordered by the breathtaking beauty of the region. Just 20 minutes away from Sidemen, this haven of tranquility promises an escape from the mundane, an invitation to immerse oneself in the extraordinary.

aura house bali
Sharma Springs green village bali

Tucked amidst the lush landscapes of Bali, Green Village epitomizes a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. Conceived and curated by John Hardy, this living community represents a global tapestry of individuals who share a profound reverence for the environment. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the terraced Ayung River slopes, the compound is a testament to sustainable luxury, housing a collection of 12 exquisite bamboo residences meticulously crafted by the visionary IBUKU architectural team. Here, a life of true ecological balance unfolds, offering not only opulent comforts but also a seamless integration with the Balinese wilderness. This haven has magnetized a diverse community of nature enthusiasts, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and renowned figures, drawn to its ethereal allure. A leisurely stroll away lies the renowned Green School, a beacon of progressive education intertwined with organic permaculture principles, further enhancing the allure of this sanctuary.

laputa villa bali
LAPUTA VILLA #1 Via airbnb

Awaken your senses to the captivating spectacle of dawn, setting your alarm to witness breathtaking sunrises that paint the valley below with hues of gold and amber. Let the serenity envelop you as you immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of Laputa Villa, a bamboo haven perched on a steep ridge. With views extending to the boundless ocean and Nusa Penida on one side, and a panorama of verdant rice terraces stretching towards the majestic Mt. Agung on the other, you'll find it hard to look away. Comprising three villas, each designed to accommodate up to four guests, these 72 square-meter living spaces boast two bedrooms and a 22 square-meter open terrace, ensuring comfort and connection to nature. The architecture is a symphony of elegance and ingenuity, crafted with sustainable bamboo construction, the villa seamlessly blends into the terraced landscape, a testament to its environmentally friendly design. Every room, from the inviting living spaces to the cozy bedrooms and well-appointed bathrooms, is oriented to make the most of the stunning panorama that surrounds you. This open design invites nature to be an integral part of your experience. With the reassurance of a safe locale and the warm hospitality of Wira, a resident of the nearby village, and the gracious local farmers, Laputa Villa invites you to immerse yourself in a haven where architectural marvel meets the heartwarming embrace of Bali's countryside.


Amid the rolling landscapes of Karangasem, the Bird Hills Bamboo House emerges as a testament to the delicate interplay between nature and design. Set within this picturesque setting, an enchanting eco-retreat beckons—one that seamlessly marries sustainable living with captivating panoramas. Crafted with artistic ingenuity, the bamboo house stands as a living embodiment of creativity and reverence for the local culture. Stepping onto the bamboo floors, a sense of tranquility envelops you, offering respite from the ordinary. As the sun graces the horizon with its vibrant hues and melodies of birds fill the air, the Bird Hills Bamboo House becomes a haven where the cadence of nature becomes your own. Here, in the heart of Karangasem's beauty, you'll discover a sanctuary that captures the very essence of Bali, inviting you to find harmony amidst its landscapes and to embark on a soul-nurturing journey.


Hidden amidst the mountains of East Bali, Hideout Bali beckons, each hideout offering a distinctive and enchanting world of its own. From the allure of glamping beneath the starlit sky to the opulent embrace of luxury villas, a plethora of options await, ensuring every traveler discovers their perfect sanctuary. Immerse yourself in an experience that resonates deeply with your spirit – each hideout a bespoke haven, poised to weave its magic around you. Whether it's the rustic charm of glamping or the refined luxury of a villa, Hideout Bali unveils the canvas for crafting your dream escape, harmonized with your desires and aspirations.

Ulaman eco luxury resort bali
Photo by Jean-Marc FAVRE

Amidst the verdant landscapes of Bali, Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort emerges as a profound testament to the art of harmonizing with nature. A mesmerizing retreat where opulence and the environment unite, this haven offers an enchanting escape that transcends the ordinary. Here, sustainable elegance takes center stage, a testament to the resort's commitment to redefining luxury with a conscious touch. Resting within the embrace of Tabanan's captivating expanse, where meandering rivers weave through lush jungles and picturesque rice fields, Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort stands as a sanctuary of sublime beauty. The resort's 20 state-of-the-art Eco-Luxury Villas are a masterpiece of design, perfectly illustrating the fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and modern sophistication. At Ulaman, every moment becomes a symphony of serene indulgence, inviting you to savor the essence of conscious travel while luxuriating in the embrace of Bali's breathtaking landscape.

VELUVANA-owl villa bali
VELUVANA-cobra villa bali

As the Sidemen hills transform into a gilded canvas at dusk, the birds return to their nests, and the first glimmers of starlight emerge, you'll feel the embrace of nightfall settle gently around you. The gentle rustling of water and the soothing serenade of cicadas ride the soft breeze into your bamboo haven, cradling you in an ambiance of perfect repose. Welcome to Veluvana, where the dreams of the intrepid wanderer come alive against the backdrop of Sidemen Valley. This unique bamboo retreat, comprising two distinct houses - the enchanting Owl House and the captivating Cobra House - offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in nature's embrace. From this vantage point, a genuine tropical panorama unfolds, with the majestic peak of Mount Agung standing sentinel in the backdrop. Veluvana is more than just an escape; it's an invitation to breathe life into the dramas of everyday existence for a journey infused with boundless joy. Amidst these bamboo walls, every corner resonates with the symphony of your senses, a retreat that unveils the pure magic of Sidemen.

magic hills villa bali
Via airbnb

Not as famous and therefore less crowded as the Ubud Monkey Forest, the Sangeh Monkey Forest offers a serene and enchanting haven for both nature enthusiasts and curious travelers. Encompassing a sprawling 14 hectares of authentic forest, this hidden gem beckons with a unique allure. The main draw of the Sangeh Monkey Forest lies in its endearing and astute Balinese monkey residents, who inhabit the lush trees and the revered Pura Bukit Sari temple nestled at the heart of the woodland. Adding to the forest's distinct charm is its remarkable collection of trees, including the largest assembly of the endangered Dipterocarpus hasseltii species in Bali. Here, the harmony between the playful monkeys, ancient temple, and rare flora creates an otherworldly experience, inviting visitors to connect with the essence of Bali's natural and cultural treasures.


Step into the captivating realm of Oniria, a sanctuary crafted to dissolve the boundaries between you and the natural world. Nestled harmoniously within the embrace of lush jungles, flourishing rice fields, and the gentle murmur of a tranquil river, this unparalleled bamboo house beckons you to embark on a journey of enchantment. Escape the ordinary and be enveloped by the extraordinary as Oniria weaves its magic, where fireflies dance and fairies flit in companionship. Under a star-strewn sky, modern comforts blend seamlessly with the timeless allure of nature, offering you the privilege of slumbering beneath the celestial canopy. Awaken to the symphony of the nearby river and the melodious serenade of friendly frogs in an indoor garden. This bamboo haven, lovingly nestled in Sidemen, East Bali, becomes your ethereal haven for serenity, a space to rejuvenate and forge a deeper connection with Bali's splendid natural wonders. In Oniria, the mundane fades away, replaced by the poetic tapestry of Bali's lush landscapes, inviting you to rediscover the harmony that lies within.

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